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Pay by Phone Casino Deposit Methods in the UK: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Pay by Phone Casino

In an era of digital convenience, the way we pay for goods and services is evolving rapidly. This evolution extends to the world of online gambling, where pay by mobile casino deposit methods are gaining popularity, especially in the UK. These methods allow players to make deposits using their mobile phone bills or prepaid credit, offering a seamless and efficient way to fund their casino accounts. In this article, we'll explore how pay by mobile casino deposit methods work, their advantages and disadvantages, available options and alternatives, security and legal compliance, the best pay by mobile slots, and more.

How Does The Phone Bill System Work?

  1. Sign up for an account with Barbados Casino.
  2. Go to the casino's cashier section on their platform.
  3. Select either the Boku or Payforit option on the deposit page.
  4. Specify the amount you want to deposit.
  5. Enter your mobile phone number.
  6. You will receive a text message containing a confirmation code.
  7. Input the provided confirmation code.
  8. Wait for the confirmation message once your deposit is successfully processed.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Convenience: Pay by mobile offers unmatched convenience. There's no need to enter lengthy card details or create accounts with third-party payment providers.

  • Instant Deposits: Deposits are processed instantly, allowing players to start enjoying their favorite games without delay.

  • Security: Phone bill deposits are highly secure, as they don't require sharing sensitive financial information.

  • Budget Management: Pay by mobile helps players manage their gambling budget effectively, as deposits are limited to the phone bill or prepaid credit amount.

  • Deposit Limits: Pay by mobile typically comes with daily or monthly deposit limits, which might not suit high rollers.
  • No Withdrawals: You can't withdraw winnings using the pay by mobile method. You'll need an alternative withdrawal method like bank transfer or e-wallet.

Available Options and Alternatives

1. Payforit

What is Payforit? Payforit is a widely accepted mobile payment method in the UK. It was created and is supported by major mobile phone carriers to facilitate secure online payments.

Supported Carriers: To use Payforit, ensure that you have a positive balance and are with one of the following carriers:

  • Vodafone
  • Three
  • O2
  • Virgin
  • EE

How to Use Payforit: Using Payforit at an online casino is straightforward:

  1. Visit the casino's banking or deposit page.
  2. Look for Payforit under different names, such as Mobile Pay, Pay by Mobile, Pay Via Phone, Charge to Mobile, or Charge to Bill.
  3. Select Payforit as your payment method.
  4. Enter the deposit amount.
  5. Confirm the transaction via SMS verification or carrier billing.
  6. The deposited amount is added to your casino account.

2. Boku

What is Boku? Boku is a global mobile payment provider available not only in the UK but also in several other countries across Europe, Asia, and America. It's known for its trustworthiness.

Using Boku: Using Boku as your payment method is a user-friendly process:

  1. Choose the pay-by-phone method when making a deposit at the online casino.
  2. Enter the desired deposit amount.
  3. You'll be directed to the Boku payment panel.
  4. Enter your phone number.
  5. Receive a verification code via SMS.
  6. Enter the code on the Boku portal.
  7. Shortly after verification, the funds will be added to your casino account.

3. Apple Pay

What is Apple Pay? Apple Pay is a payment method tailored for iOS device users. While it's not a direct pay-your-phone-bill method, it offers unique advantages, including the ability to withdraw funds to your Apple Pay account.

Using Apple Pay: To use Apple Pay at an online casino:

  1. Ensure you have an iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad.
  2. Add your payment cards to the Apple Pay wallet.
  3. Visit the casino's banking or deposit page.
  4. Select Apple Pay as your payment method.
  5. Authenticate the payment using Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode.
  6. Confirm the transaction.
  7. Funds can be withdrawn back to your Apple Pay account from the casino.

Benefits of Pay by Mobile Methods:

  • Convenience: Simplifies the deposit process with minimal steps.
  • Security: Protects sensitive financial information.
  • Instant Deposits: Funds are added to your casino account in real-time.
  • Budget Control: Helps manage gambling expenses.

In addition to mobile payment methods like Payforit, Boku, and Apple Pay, there are several alternative payment options available to players at UK online casinos. These alternatives offer a range of features and benefits, catering to various preferences and needs. Let's explore these alternatives in detail:

4. Instant Banking

What is Instant Banking? Instant Banking, also known as Bank Transfer or Wire Transfer, allows you to make direct deposits from your bank account to your casino account. It's a secure and widely accepted method.

How to Use Instant Banking:

  1. Select "Instant Banking" as your deposit method.
  2. Choose your bank from the list provided by the casino.
  3. Log in to your online banking account.
  4. Confirm the deposit amount and authorize the transaction.
  5. Funds will be transferred instantly to your casino account.


  • Security: Direct bank transfers are highly secure.
  • No Need for Third-Party Accounts: You don't need additional accounts or e-wallets.
  • Wide Acceptance: Most online casinos accept bank transfers.

5. Debit Cards

What are Debit Cards? Debit cards, such as Visa Debit and MasterCard Debit, allow you to make deposits directly from your bank account. They are one of the most common and trusted payment methods.

Using Debit Cards:

  1. Select "Debit Card" as your deposit method.
  2. Enter your card details, including card number, expiration date, and CVV.
  3. Confirm the deposit amount and authorize the transaction.
  4. Funds are instantly added to your casino account.


  • Widespread Acceptance: Debit cards are accepted by nearly all online casinos.
  • Familiarity: Most players already possess and are familiar with debit cards.
  • Security: Transactions are protected by bank-level security measures.

6. E-Wallets

What are E-Wallets? E-Wallets, like Neteller, Skrill, and ecoPayz, are digital wallets that allow you to store funds and make online transactions securely and quickly.

Using E-Wallets:

  1. Select your preferred e-wallet as the deposit method.
  2. Log in to your e-wallet account.
  3. Authorize the deposit by confirming the amount.
  4. Funds are instantly transferred to your casino account.


  • Speed: E-wallet transactions are among the fastest.
  • Enhanced Privacy: E-wallets provide an additional layer of privacy.
  • Global Acceptance: E-wallets are accepted at many online casinos worldwide.

7. PayPal

What is PayPal? PayPal is a globally recognized e-wallet that offers secure and convenient online payments. It's widely accepted at UK online casinos.

Using PayPal:

  1. Select "PayPal" as your deposit method.
  2. Log in to your PayPal account.
  3. Confirm the deposit amount.
  4. Funds are instantly available in your casino account.


  • Security: PayPal is known for its robust security features.
  • Speed: Deposits are processed instantly.
  • Ease of Use: It's user-friendly and widely recognized.

8. MuchBetter

What is MuchBetter? MuchBetter is a mobile-focused e-wallet designed for gaming and online transactions. It offers an efficient and secure payment solution.

Using MuchBetter:

  1. Select "MuchBetter" as your deposit method.
  2. Log in to your MuchBetter account or create one.
  3. Authorize the transaction and confirm the deposit amount.
  4. Funds are instantly credited to your casino account.


  • Mobile-Centric: MuchBetter is designed for mobile use, offering a seamless experience.
  • Enhanced Security: It uses biometric authentication and transaction review features.
  • Rewards: MuchBetter offers rewards and cashback for users.

Pay By Phone Bill Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Convenience
  • Instant deposits
  • Enhanced security
  • Budget management
  • Deposit limits
  • No withdrawal option


Pay by mobile casino deposit methods offer a convenient and secure way for players in the UK to fund their casino accounts. While they come with some limitations, such as deposit caps and the inability to withdraw, their advantages make them a popular choice for many players.

Pay by Phone Casino FAQ

Q. May I withdraw to Pay By Mobile Bill?
A. No, pay by mobile methods are typically deposit-only. You'll need an alternative withdrawal method.

Q. Is the pay by phone bill method available in the UK?
A. Yes, pay by mobile methods are widely available and accepted in the UK.

Q. Can I get a bonus if I use the pay by phone payment method?
A. Yes, many casinos offer bonuses and promotions for using pay by mobile methods.

Q. What devices accept pay by mobile bill deposits?
A. Most smartphones and feature phones can be used for pay by mobile deposits, as long as you have a mobile phone plan or prepaid credit.

Q. What is the minimum deposit in Barbados Casino for Pay by phone credit method?
A. The minimum deposit amount can vary depending on the casino and the specific payment method used. Check the casino's terms and conditions for this information.